Multi Volt B-Battery 18/36V Super High Power 1440W (21700)


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Powering the next generation of HiKOKI’s 36V cordless power tools using the latest Lithium cell technology delivering 1440 Watts of power.

HiKOKI’s latest BSL36B18 battery is packed with additional power to run larger 36V cordless tools but practical enough to use with most compact 18V tools. The BSL36B18 represents the absolute State of the Art power source for the future of heavy duty trade power tools. This High Powered battery is compatible with most HiKOKI or Hitachi 18V or 36V power tools.

Please note that when used on 18V brushed motor power tools the battery has the ability to supply much more power under heavy load than the tool was originally designed to handle.

  • Massive 1440W Power Output Battery
  • New High Powered, High Capacity 21700 lithium cell structure
  • Intelligent circuitry changes voltage between 36V and 18V automatically
  • Significantly reduces heat and stress on tool components
  • Smart-tech Cooling Chassis, keeps cells cool under load
  • Smart battery indicator technology
  • Long Life – up to 1500 recharge cycles
  • 52min Rapid Charging using Rapid Smart Charger (UC18YSL3)
  • Compatible with most 36V and 18V HiKOKI / Hitachi tools*
  • Intelligent Electronic Battery and Tool Protection
  • Automatic Overload Protection shuts down the tool if overload occurs
  • Over Discharge Protection prevents the battery from dangerous dull discharge
  • Overcharge Protection prevents any attempt to overcharge beyond its capacity
  • Onboard LED battery status and fault diagnosis
  • Not Compatible with HiKOKI/Hitachi: UR18DSAL, UR18DSDL, UB18DGL, R18DSAL, UF18DSAL
  • Not Compatible with Hitachi: C18DBL, C18DSL, C18DBAL, G18DSL, G18DBL, G18DBBL, G18DBAL, CN18DSL, CE18DSL, CB18DBL, CV18DBL, WF18DSL, DH18DSL, DH18DBL, DH18DBQL, DS18DSDL, DV18DSDL, UF18DSL
  • Compatible with other HITACHI Driver Drills, Impact Drivers, and Impact Wrenches if optional Multi Volt Belt Clip is fitted – part number 372229
  • HiKOKI’s MULTI VOLT battery technology means that the BSL36B18 battery is not classified as Dangerous Goods in relation to transportation requirements of Class 9 Dangerous Goods. Always follow the Operating Instructions with regards to safe handling of Lithium Ion batteries.

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