18V Cordless Multi Tool Skin Dtm51Z


Product Details

  • Tool-less accessory clamp for quick installation and replacement
  • 12 angle setting of accessories at every 30°from 0°to 360°
  • Variable speed control by dial
  • Battery capacity warning lamp
  • Anti-restart function prevents accidental start-up
  • Accepts OIS – Makita & Bosch accessories

5-pc Accessories on DTM51RTEX5

  • Starlock Sanding Pad 93mm TMA078 (B-65115)
  • Segment Saw Blade 85mm TMA006 (B-64799)
  • Plunge Cut Saw Blade 28mm TMA009 (B-64814)
  • 3 sets Abrasive paper delta red Gr.180 (B-21602), Gr.120 (B-21593) and Gr.80 (B-21571)
  • Multi‑Tool Adaptor Set (196271-6)

Supporting documents and resources

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Product Specifications



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